FTTP broadband

A high speed Internet connection, reaching ultrafast download speeds of 330Mbps. Using fibre optic connectivity from the telephone exchange to your premises, FTTP is the next stage in broadband reliability, with no dependence or requirement for a telephone line.

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Reliable business internet

What is FTTP?
FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) is the next generation of Internet connectivity for small to medium sized businesses. It uses fibre optic technology and runs from the telephone exchange all the way to your premises via the green cabinet at the end of your street. Unlike FTTC (which still relies on your existing copper telephone line to reach your premises), FTTP does not require a telephone line and allows you to connect directly to the Internet. It has ultra fast speeds of up to 330Mbps. Coverage is increasing and 4 million premises are expected to have coverage by March 2021.

Who needs FTTP?
• SMEs who require a cost-effective Internet service
• Organisations requiring a backup Internet connection

Is FTTP reliable?
At time of writing only approximately 20% of the population is able to access FTTP services. The connection is extremely reliable as it is not reliant on old copper telephone lines. To find out if you can access FTTP, please use our availability checker here.