FTTC broadband

With speeds of up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up, FTTC is able to increase business productivity, reduce costs and unlock the potential of cloud computing.

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Superfast internet

What is FTTC?
FTTC is the next generation of superfast connectivity. By using fibre optic infrastructure, FTTC is able to provide much higher upload and download speeds.

Who needs FTTC?
• Businesses needing a faster, more reliable connection than traditional broadband
• If businesses want to adopt cost-saving cloud computing services
• Businesses wanting to communicate better and allow for home working

How reliable is FTTC?
FTTC uses a much shorter run of copper line than standard ADSL broadband making it more reliable. The speed in which data travels over fibre infrastructure significantly reduces the chance of interference, allowing for a much improved and steadier service.